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Progetti d.o.o was founded in 2001 by two Italian brothers, Romano and Enrico Rossi, who both had extensive knowledge and expertise within the footwear industry for many years.
Progetti manufactures high quality semi-finished shoe parts (uppers) for global brands, as well as beautifully stylish shoes.

We provide extensive footwear manufacturing solutions for all age ranges, as well as both male and female styles and fashions. Our specialist machinery can also provide the latest techniques in multi-coloured embroidery, laser machining, silk screen and colour prints.

Production and manufacturing is completed at three of our own facilities. These are based in the southern Baltic countries of Serbia and Bosnia, within the regions of Sombor, Vladimirci and Vrsac. Each facility can produce the full range of products we manufacture, as well as being able to provide specific specialist techniques and manufacturing expertise when our clients request it.
Together, all three of our facilities employ approximately 1000 regional employees, and accounts for over a third of all our manufacturing output.

We have also developed our own production monitoring system, which is called “Barracuda”. This software system can allow our clients to view every stage of the manufacturing process in real-time, and be able to contact us if they wish to alter their order, or make any queries.

We also sub-contract work to 22 other independent regional satellite companies, which are equipped with machinery provided by us. Our exclusive and intimate working partnership with all our satellite companies, ensures that the supply of our manufactured goods is always to the highest quality standards and requirements set by our global clients.
Together with our working partners, Progetti produces 1.8 million shoe pairs per year, which in 2014, has made us the largest exporter of footwear in Serbia.

Because of our extensive production facilities, working partners and our ever continuing pursuit in providing the highest quality and standards, we are extremely proud to have developed a very high sense of loyalty with our clients, who represent some of the global leaders of high fashion footwear brands.

We can be contacted at our administrative headquarters in the centre of Belgrade for any further information you may require.